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Fun things to do - Navigate Barbados

This page provides free access to a printable .pdf map of some fun things to do in Barbados. You can also access an interactive google maps version below. The bubbles on the map show approximate locations within Barbados.  Each bubble is colour coded to match with colour coded categories. Example: if you want to quickly scope out beach locations look for all the yellow bubbles.



Welcome to your interactive map of Barbados. You can expand the map by clicking on the top right square icon. You can click on the bubbles to get a brief description of each item. The map works best on a laptop as categories are easier to access. You can turn on and off the categories to customize the map to your interests. Zooming in and out allows you to view street names. The bubbles on the map may not be in the exact location as the addresses. Enjoy!

*The interactive map can lead to data charges with your service provider


Welcome to your printable version of some fun things to do in Barbados. Click on the image of the map below to download your .pdf map with listed categories. The pictures in the .pdf do not necessarily match with the descriptions on the pages.
Printing works best if you choose ‘Fit’ and ‘Portrait’ within the print dialog box.



AALEN is not responsible for any errors or accuracy on the map. This is free of charge and we hope you enjoy it. There are so many great places in Barbados and not every place is listed within this map.

Credit to google for some descriptions and pictures.

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